Getting Past The Past


The Special Edition Getting Past The Past is a 30 Day powerful and inspiring devotional for men and women of God.  Life creates our history but we can rewrite our story.  What happened to you is working through you to produce a miracle.  Real talk for real  healing, Getting Past The Past will start you on the road of taking the lessons out of the pain.


Getting past the past is not always easy.  Whether it’s a relationship, a setback or a trauma, even the strongest person can become emotionally paralyzed.  But the issue isn’t what happened to us, as much  as it is what happened in us because of what happened to us. Getting past our past is not always simply a matter of forgetting or, “Just moving on,” sometimes the heart won’t let us do what the mind knows is right.

Rewriting our story involves acknowledging what happened, forgiving what happened and making a decision to take the lesson out of the pain and leave the pain in the past.  You owe it to yourself to take the steps to heal your hurt and to build a bridge to your destiny.  Challenge yourself to put time into yourself and begin the journey of rewriting your story.

Each day’s powerful affirmation will inspire, empower and encourage you to love you to life.  Patrick Weaver’s Real Talk for Real People for Real Power style compassionately cast down all thoughts that exalt themselves above the Queen that you are.