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If you’re looking for a side hustle, you’ll do a double take when you see the changes lately in an established business model. Direct selling has come a long way since your parents were ordering Amway.

In fact, this new channel is giving Amazon and other eCommerce platforms stiff competition. From changes in compensation structures to innovative new products, you’ll be surprised to see what’s happening in the world of this customizable business opportunity where you can choose your own adventure. Here are some highlights:

1. You run your own business without reinventing the wheel.

If a franchise sounds good to you for the established business model and products, but the overhead and upkeep sound like a nightmare, direct selling’s business-building model could be ideal. You not only get to run your own business and reap the rewards of your sales, but you also often have pre-researched, guaranteed, and fan favorite products to sell right out of the gate. Can you say easy start?

2. It’s about social selling.

Instead of going door-to-door or relying on sales tactics, today’s direct selling companies are teaching independent business owners how to create authentic customer relationships based on real results and honest feedback. This kind of social selling is similar to what our great-grandparents had at their local dry goods store: a relationship with a business owner who would go out of his way to meet their needs.

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