Where Are All The Good Men At? eBook


You won’t believe what God is doing in your season of singleness!  You are being positioned for a position that compliments God’s plans for your greatness.  Take the weight off the wait with this short, powerful eBook Where Are All The Good Men At? — waiting never looked so good.
Pages: 47


No, God has not forgotten about you.  God is taking you from season to season, from reason to reason to prepare you for your your lifetime.
Make no mistake about it, a queen is not waiting for a man, a queen is making plans for the right man.  In this must read, uncut conversation, Pastor Patrick answers the question, “Where Are All The Good Men At,” like you’ve never heard before.
“The eBook by Pastor Patrick,”Where Are All The Good Men At?,” takes the gloves off as Pastor Patrick keeps it real and tells you what your heart needs to know to take the weight off your wait and to keep your emotions in check while God prepares your Mr. Right.” LW, Atlanta
“So real, so deep. Every woman should give this powerful eBook to every woman — young and old, she knows as a gift of love, honesty and power. REALLY.”  MG, San Francisco
Download your copy of the eBook, “Where Are All The Good Men At?,” and prepare for a mind shifting conversation that will change your life…