So Amazing


So Amazing is a powerful, life changing 30 Day Devotional for your inner giant.  An amazing life begins with planting and watering amazing seed thoughts.  So Amazing will water, inspire and encourage your amazing inner giant like never before!


Within each and every one of us is a powerful potential that longs to be unleashed.  Amazing is not what we pursue, Amazing is what we tap into to bring forth the plans that God has for our life.

Realizing our potential, going to our next level, overcoming and walking in our power is a result of owning who and whose we are.  You are So Amazing and created by an amazing God.

Over the next 30 days, my prayer is that you allow each day to plant a thought seed, water an idea or vision, or inspire you to challenge a belief or expectation that does not support who you are.

Get ready for a So Amazing, practical, encouraging and inspiring journey for your inner giant.