“A therapist talks about your past. A relationship coach helps you build a future.”
Relationship Master Classes 
Make a commitment to love and love will make a commitment to you.  When newlyweds, couples planning to get married and couples fighting to save their relationship demand results, they choose PIP Master Classes with relationship expert, Patrick Weaver.
PIP Relationship Master Classes immerse you in a six week, life changing experience that will help you master the proven techniques that have helped literally thousands of couples around the world recover, rebuild and create the love that they deserve.  
“Our marriage was all but over when we took the Virtual PIP Challenge.  Like many of  the attendees in group, we tried everything but nothing worked.  The PIP Relationship Master Class is the most powerful, life changing process my wife and I have ever experienced.  We are eternally grateful for the tools and for helping us to win!”  T. Wilkins, OH”
Choose the relationship Master Class for your goal and prepare for a life changing experience.
Relationship Master Classes 
What do you want to achieve?
Newlyweds, couples planning to get married and experienced couples master powerful techniques that have helped thousands of couples build a fireproof covenant, remove barriers to emotional intimacy and build their unique BRIDGE for loving through the any kind of weather.
A lack of intimacy, emotional starvation, can lead to feelings of abandonment, depression and even destroy a relationship. This life changing, intensive Master Class walks couples through the difficult process of healing for intimacy, overcoming barriers to intimacy and master the techniques that have helped couples around the world turn their intimacy starved relationship into their dream relationship.
An affair and the trauma, (PTSD), it can cause are two of the most challenging issues couples face. Both rupture trust and undermine the very foundation on which committed relationships are built. This groundbreaking and life changing Master Class for couples who desire to rebuild after infidelity helps couples master the groundbreaking U.U.U. technique — Unpack, Understand, Unleash, that has helped thousands heal, restore and create an amazing new love story.
Have additional questions? Check out the PIP Master Class FAQ’s for a complete overview, chat live now or send us a message.

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Master Class Reviews

“Our marriage was all but over when we took the Virtual PIP Challenge.  Like many of  the attendees in group, we tried everything but nothing worked.  The PIP Relationship Master Class is the most powerful, life changing process my wife and I have ever experienced.  We are eternally grateful for the tools and for helping us to win!”  T. Wilkins, OH”
“I consider myself to be a serious investor in my personal growth and have attended some of the best, Nationally known coaching programs but I have never experienced the dynamic, mind shifting teaching that Patrick Weaver dispenses in the Virtual PIP Master Class.  The best six weeks I’ve ever spent in my life.”  M. Thomas, VA
“After hitting my ceiling and realizing that nothing would change unless I changed, I decided to do something about it. I cannot stop thanking myself for taking the Peak Performance Master Class. My life will never be the same! Thank you!” B. Holmes, TX

“We, I, never thought our relationship could be revived. I cannot express how thankful we are to have committed to the process and rebuilding the love that we both dreamed of. It was work but you made it well worth it! We are loving our new marriage!” K. O’Connell, NY

“I never thought I could feel this way again! Thank you for giving me a new leash on life. I get up everyday with an attitude of power. So thankful!” M. Stephans, GA

“Trusting the process paid off big! A big thank you for the push. Our team has never been more fired up and cohesive. We’re blowing through our goals all thanks to your phenomenal help!” R. Bollinger, DC

“We couldn’t be more thrilled! We didn’t know what we didn’t know and now we’re not only ready to win but we’re even more committed to having our best relationship!” Thank you!!! B. Avery, KY

“Impactful, powerful, life changing are the only words I have to describe the incredible PIP workshop. Our leadership team was struggling to make critical changes and now we’re struggling to figure out why we didn’t take the PIP sooner!” Thank you! B. Livingston, AZ



The Total Experience



What makes the PIP Master Class Experience so effective?  Quite simply, it’s the approach. 
PIP Master Classes with your coach, Patrick Weaver, combine practical and proven techniques with unmatched support to help you 
Highly Interactive Virtual Learning with Collaborative Group Discussion 
The Sessions: The Virtual Master Class is a six week, highly interactive experience. Your Step-By-Step, Virtual Master Class Session lead by Patrick Weaver kicks off each week. These impactful discussions and Q&A give you a relevant and real world application of proven techniques for maximum growth. 
The Coaching: Group Coaching during Master Class Sessions provide real-time feedback and deep dives into critical points of light maximize absorption and to foster ownership of the strategies discussed.
The Mentoring: A weekly Group Mentoring Call with Patrick Weaver provides progress to success feedback, evaluation and assessment of progress to goal and critical path mentoring.  
The PIP HUB: Exclusive, 1 Year membership to the total PIP Experience provides 24/7 access to Master Class Sessions (Live and Archived),  Group Mentoring Calls (Live and Archived), Assignments, Group Discussion Forum, offline coaching and, robust, interactive content updated monthly to support your specific learning style and to give you unmatched support for uncommon results.
“The first move toward mastery is always inward?—?learning who you really are and reconnecting with that innate force.” ? Robert Greene, Mastery

PIP HUB Overview:
Participants in a PIP Master Class also get 1 year membership to the PIP HUB. This members only network, provides you with 24/7 online access to exclusive PIP content, resources and mentoring to support you on your journey.  Access includes:
MASTER CLASS COURSES: Six, Step-by-step Virtual Master Class Sessions to help you develop and learn the strategies to achieve uncommon results.
THE COACHING: Expert Coaching and virtual mentorship to get your questions answered and to workshop your progress to success.
THE COMMUNITY: Live, 24/7 support in our private community.  Ask questions, provide feedback and share results and experiences privately.
THE RESOURCES: 24/7 access to robust, goal specific PIP content from articles, interviews, podcasts, video clips, e-books and more every month to support you along your success journey.
THE MOBILE APP:  Put the power of PIP HUB in the palm of your hand.  Get notices, updates and access to your exclusive PIP resources and content in our mobile app available in iTunes and Android stores.