The God In Goodbye


The God In Goodbye eBook is a 30 day journey to discovery, healing and empowerment for anyone experiencing the pains of a relationship breakup.  By the end of 30 days, you will be inspired to continue using and developing your emotional health plan for future relationships.  Commit yourself to meditating on each day’s message and take from it tools for your divine healing.


The time, the hope, the investment, the good in-between the not so good times aren’t easily forgotten or dismissed when a relationship ends. Dismissing our feelings or believing that faith makes us immune to hurt, is unrealistic and unbiblical. Hurt hurts real people.

Relationship breakups can be one of life’s darkest moments.  The emotions that often follow a breakup can take work to work through and the bible can help us to do just that.  Understanding the God In Goodbye begins the healing process and gives us an empowering perspective from which to repair a broken heart.

Direct, soul stirring and thought provoking, The God In Goodbye is a must read devotional if you, or someone you know, desire God’s help to recover from a breakup or desire a fresh perspective on the God in Goodbye.

My prayer is that The God In Goodbye will encourage and inspire you to continue your work towards reclaiming your joy.