Next Level Wisdom


Next Level Wisdom eBook

Next Level Wisdom eBook is a 30 day journey of wisdom keys for powerful living.  By the end of 30 days, you will be inspired to continue developing wisdom keys to unlock doors doors of understanding, power and purpose.  Commit yourself to using each day as a guide to implementing wisdom for powerful living.


Our perceptions, decisions and opportunities in life, and going to our next level in life are all based on wisdom. Our quality of life and our ability to navigate through life with purpose and power is always more challenging when we lack wisdom, refuse to gain wisdom or fail to use it.

Wisdom comes from either lessons learned the hard way or through the application of lessons learned by others – or a combination of the two. Who wouldn’t want to skip the school of hard knocks and simply learn from the mistakes or lessons of others? The reality is, learning is one part listening and one part readiness – As Christ said, “He who has ears to hear let him listen.”

There is no magic pill or shortcut for gaining wisdom. Learning is a process and renewing the mind is a journey. Living a victorious life, getting up from a knockdown, pushing through to breakthroughs and even how we deal with a hater depends on the wisdom we use.

My prayer is that Next Level Wisdom will encourage and inspire you to continue your pursuit of God’s wisdom for powerful living.