“Ministry that ignites the inner giant causes faith to become a movement, a  force to change our world from the inside out.”


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Next Level Wisdom
God’s wisdom moves us from level to level, faith to faith.  Tap into God’s wisdom.        
Getting Past The Past
Your destiny is too important to stay in your history.  Shift for your destiny.      
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Pastor Patrick’s Blog

    The business of prayer is just as important as the business we run, our aspiration or our goal. I know quite a few Christians who have been taught that it is selfish to ask God for anything but I just can’t... Read more »
  • Daily Devotion: HOLY PEOPLE HURT TOO
    How are you really doing? I know you’re blessed and highly favored but I’m asking you about your condition, not your position. Blessed and highly favored is our spiritual position — depressed, stressed and a mess is our condition.  Do... Read more »
  • Daily Devotional: No Matter What, You Can Win
    Hello devil! That’s what Christ said to Judas when he showed up to betray him. Jesus knew His purpose, His destiny and that made even his attackers his friends (Matthew 26:50).   There is no way we can be in a, “Hello... Read more »
Intimacy: Into-Me-See
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Download your Free copy of the short, powerful eBook by Pastor Patrick, “Intimacy: Into-Me-See,” and get ready for real talk for real people for life changing intimacy!

Got Fruit?

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A powerful affirmation study of the fruits of the spirit.  This  inspiring eBook is practical, relevant and empowering!
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